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they will recieve their rewards - mixtapes for narcoleptic sexpots [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
heat lightning and unmade beds

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they will recieve their rewards [Jul. 12th, 2005|01:57 am]
heat lightning and unmade beds


i put together playlists and make mixtapes like the perfect one is gonna conjure up the perfect girl for me

instead of vice versa

am i the only one to pretend that i'm not shaping exactly who i want based upon devices as clumsy and intransigent as musical taste?

it's so frustrating to be unable to remedy my faults by simply acknowledging them

it's so frustrating to realize i don't know how to remedy them

it's so frustrating to realize maybe i'm too lazy to try and find out how

apologies go out, yet remain as worthless as...well, hey this here mixtape

1. the stars - elevator love letter
2. polaris - waiting for october
3. the shins - kissing the lipless
4. the rentals - california
5. clap your hands say yeah! - in this home on ice
6. the magic numbers - forever lost
7. the pixies - wave of mutilation
8. rolling stones - time is on my side
9. wilderness - your hands
10. modest mouse - wild packs of family dogs
11. preston school of industry - walk of a girl
12. pinback - tripoli
13. aimee mann - save me
14. placebo - lady of the flowers


From: erendiragirl
2005-07-19 02:08 pm (UTC)
argh, i don't believe i didn't see this 'til today!

just to say, belatedly: no, you're not the only one.
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