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heat lightning and unmade beds

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catie and sofie [Jul. 10th, 2005|02:38 am]
heat lightning and unmade beds



...for the days where you feel just like this, and you want it to last a lil bit longer.

1.  stereo total "l'amour a trois"
2.  grandaddy "am180"
3.  the cure "the 13th"
4.  m83 "don't save us from the flames"
5.  manitoba "crayon"
6.  u2 "the sweetest thing"
7.  genetic world "breathe"

half an hour of dizzyingly cheery upbeat music is usually as much as i can take.  at that point you should be outside running through sprinklers or tumbling through flowery fields like a ADHD nine year old anyways, not inside lissening to music.